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Dragon’s Crown Pro Arrives to the PS4 Batch that we get in Japan

Atlus and Vanillaware just revealed Dragon’s Crown Pro for any PS4 throughout the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan. By any means . an updated form of the main title that released to the Ps3 and PS Vita instruction online 2013. Dragon’s Crown Pro is going to be launching next season on Jan. 25 in Japan without having information about a western release as of now.

The retail version will launch for 7,980 yen (around $70 USD) even though the digital version is 7,389 yen (around $65 USD). The action can also get a “Royal Package” special this includes an orchestral album consisting of three disks and 56 tracks, an extraordinary booklet with 12 pages of illustrations and liner notes, as well as the “Digital Art Collection” downloadable content set which has a custom PlayStation 4 theme, Moving Bestiary, along with various digital materials/art.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will support 4K resolution and cross-play when using the Ps3 slim and PS Vita versions. Moreover, the soundtrack has been specifically newly recorded by using a live orchestra, additionally, the game may even support both English and Japanese voices. There is no the Dragon’s Crown Pro announcement trailer below to acquire more information:


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